Western Digital unveils world’s first 10TB hard drive: Helium-filled, shingled recording

Western Digital have unveiled the worlds first 10 TB hard drive.
Helium filled and using shingled recording technology.
Great for archiving large amounts of data.

Helium is hermetically sealed inside, allowing more platters to be used by reducing friction, and cutting down on heat produced.


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Attention all partners and potential partners: Doctor Data Recovery is adding a “Partners” page at https://www.doctordatarecovery.com.au/ We would like to invite all partners to send a copy of their logo and contact details to jason@doctordatarecovery.com.au Once the page has been created your logo will displayed on this page with a link to your business’s webpage.…

Storing Data in Liquid

Storing data in liquid?

Researchers from the University of Michigan and New York University are working on a new type of hard drive that could enable them to store up to 1 Terabyte of data in a teaspoon full of liquid. Only in the research and testing phase at the moment, this could lead to much larger capacity hard…