Hard Drive repair

Do you have some pictures that are irreplaceable? Important work documents, or just files that you don’t want to lose?

What are the risks of DIY recoveries?

Removing the lid of a hard drive, can not only introduce contaminates to the platter surfaces, it can also effect the alignment of multiple components within the drive. Simply opening the drive and closing it again can cause irreparable damage if the drive is powered up again, minute contaminants can get trapped under the read-write heads and cause physical damage to the platters, such as scratching. Once scratching has occurred more contaminants are spread throughout the drive, which will lead to more physical damage.

Before you attempt any sort of DIY recovery, send your drive into the Doctor’s office, and we will give you a free same day evaluation and let you know exactly what is wrong with the drive and how much it will cost to get your data back.

What do I do if I have opened the drive up myself?

The best thing to do would be to put all the screws back into the drive, and send it into Doctor Data Recovery, where we can determine if any damage has occurred and if recovery will still be possible. In most cases where a drive has been opened prior to being evaluated at Doctor Data Recovery, the recovery process can still continue as normal, after the contaminants are removed from the platters.

Doctor Data Recovery will NOT charge you for bringing in a drive that has been pre-opened by yourself, a friend/relative or another data recovery company.

The Freezer Myth

There has been a myth circulating the internet for many years now, that putting a drive in the freezer can get your drive working again. In some cases this may seem to temporarily fix the problem but only for very short periods of time. Each time the drive is powered up after it has been “frozen” condensation forms inside the drive and on the platters, as the drive spins up, the condensation can cause horrific damage to the patters, scratching them and sometimes worse than if there was only dust contaminants.

Other DIY no no’s

Banging or knocking the drive to try to get it to spin again, will very rarely help, and will cause further issues, such as spindle and head stack assembly misalignment.

Changing the printed circuit board.

When standard hard drives became mainstream, some were very easy to repair by swapping the circuit board over. These days most require components to be swapped over or the board to be repaired itself as no other boards will work with it. Any DIY recovery attempts here could render all the data on your hard drive lost; too much heat on a critical component could see your data lost for good.

Send your drive into Doctor Data Recovery and save yourself the heartache of losing your valuable data, We have free evaluations, and a no data no charge policy.