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I forgot to backup my computer before I reinstalled windows/mac what should I do?

First of all, stop using your computer, turn it off and keep it unplugged.

Call the Medical Emergency Team at Doctor Data Recovery.

Depending on how long ago you reinstalled windows, most or all of your data can still be recovered, the longer you keep using the computer the more your old data is being “overwritten”.

We offer a No Data No Charge Policy, so we can try our best to get your data and if we can’t get it back there will be no charge to you.

I dropped my external hard drive and it is now making unusual sounds. Is my data lost forever, and how can I get my data back?

First of all please turn off the device and unplug it.

Please do not attempt to open the drive to see inside, hard drives are highly sensitive and require expert handling and a clean room environment to prevent contamination from dust and other airborne particles that can cause further damage to the drive if it is not removed correctly.

Send your drive into us or arrange a free local pickup. We will evaluate your device and tell you if it will be viable for recovery.

My device is still working but I can’t copy all my data off, it keeps coming up with errors and stops coping.

This usually means the drive is starting to fail and is encountering “read errors”. Usually when Windows encounters these errors it stops the copying command to prevent transferring of corrupted data.

The good news is with our specialised hardware and software we are able to get around these errors and in most cases get 100% of your data back.

I was working on my uni assignment and my computer crashed, when I restarted my computer the assignment I was working on was gone! Help what can I do?!

First of all, turn off your computer and call the Medical Emergency Team at Doctor Data Recovery. In most cases your file is still on the hard drive but windows no longer knows about it, we can find any temporary files that were being used in order to recover your assignment again.

I accidently bumped by USB Flash drive and the connector is bent and no longer get detected. Are my files gone now?

Depending on the type of damage that has been sustained to the device, we should be able to repair the USB drive temporarily in order to get your data back for you. Once we have performed a free evaluation we will be able to tell you with good certainty if we will be able to get that data back or not.

We run a network at work that has multiple hard drives in it. Today the box was flashing errors at us and we are unable to see our files on the network. Can I get my data back?

Sounds like you were running a RAID or NAS, which usually is a storage device that can be accessed over a network. We are able to reconstruct the RAID using specialised hardware and software.

First of all try to safely power down the device then call the Medical Emergency Team at Doctor Data Recovery.

If you are sending in the RAID/NAS you can either send it in as a whole or just send the individual drives. If you send the individual drives, please make a note of the brand/model of the RAID/NAS box and also VERY IMPORTANTLY write down what slot each hard drive came from as you take them out.

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  • Just wanted to thank Jason so much for fixing my laptop and recovering very precious pictures of my son! Jason went above and beyond to help and I couldn't recommend him highly enough!!
    Cassi Johnston
    North Lakes
  • Hi Jason, Thank you for getting back all our work documents! I was panicking that I was going to have to redo all our work forms from scratch. It took me hours to set them up in the first place! Will highly recommend you to my family and friends! Jackie.
    Jackie Mayer
  • After losing a very important assignment, I simply called up Jason who was very understanding, friendly and helpful! Within a couple of hours my file was recovered (which I thought would be impossible). Thank you so much for the great service Jason.
    Clear Mountain
  • To the Staff at Doctor Data Recovery, The compassion that was expressed from your team was amazing - Thank you for being so patient with me and recovering my crashed Laptop.  "A problem shared is a problem halved"
    Mary Brian
    Wynnum Central
  • Jason, Nothing could replace what you have recovered, thank you for your time and valuable advice.
    Trent Collings
    Wellington Point
  • Thank you for a brillant job. Its good to see there are still caring businesses out there that focus on the job and not money.
    Garry Hislop

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Bad Sector Recovery

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Formatted Drive Recovery

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