How To Substitute Bad Eating Habits with Healthy Ones?

If you are looking to change your eating habits in order to lose weight or get fitter, then it is not enough to only make the three main meals healthy ones. If you are on a healthy diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner but if you eat unhealthy snacks in between then this will likely not help you meet your goal of losing weight and getting fit. Therefore, in order to make sure you achieve your goals you need to ensure that the snacks you eat in between your meals are also healthy.

What you need to stop?

Especially between lunch and dinner there is a good chance that you will get hungry and you will need something to munch on. Eating salting chips, ice cream or chocolates will fill you up but it will not aid in your goal to you becoming fit and healthy. Try and substitute these snacks with something healthy like fruit. Having the same thing every day can become dull therefore instead of eating an apple in between your meals every day change it up with different fruits.


A tall glass of an iced fizzy drink especially on a hot day can seem heavenly however, you may not be aware of the amount if calories a glass of fizzy drink contains. Finding a healthy alternative drink such as tea will be beneficial to you. You can learn more about the different flavours and forms of tea. Tea does not necessarily have to be hot as you can very well enjoy a tall glass of iced tea instead of aniced fizzy drink or milkshake.

Eating more

There may be occasions where you tend to eat more. For example, if you are stressed about something or if you are studying you may find yourself feeling hungrier than usual. If this is the case identifying this is important as then you can prepare yourself. Instead of snaking away on popcorn you can instead make yourself a healthy bowl of oats or a fruit smoothie to satisfy your hunger. You can also research ways of making healthy yet tasty snacks as then you will not feel the need to look for something fried or salty.

Feel better

Snacking in between meals is something which is difficult to avoid however, snacking by eating and drinking healthy foods and beverages will make you feel less bloated and feel better than if you were to fill your stomach with something oily or fried. Eating fruit in between meals as opposed to eating a bag of crisps will also allow you to eat your next meal well.

If not by over eating and especially by eating junk food in-between meals, you may be too stuffed to eat the main meal properly. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of what you eat not just for the three main meals but also throughout the day. When you eat healthy throughout the day you will soon see the effects of healthy eating and the positive impact is has on your body.

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