Know The Causes of Back Problems

If you’re a millennial and experiencing backpains already, you’re not alone! Having grown up with technology, Gen Y’s are often plagued with back pains and neck pains due to the heavy usage of constant, continuous mobile phones and laptops; sometimes that go up to 8 to 10 hours per day.

Lack of exercise and mobility, slumping over technology, awkward seating positions with unhealthy eating habits lead to all kinds of back problems. However back problems are not limited just millennials – they are common across ages, and occur due to a multitude of reasons; understanding them and treating them at the right time will help avoid long term complications.

Posture & Movement

Poor posture is one of the most common reasons for back pains. Hunching over the laptop or the computer, and constant use of the mobile phone with the head bent down is a massive strain to the neck and back. Having back support, investing in ergonomic chairs and stretching your muscles every hour or so will significantly help in maintaining a healthy posture as well as a life devoid of back aches.

Further, movement related issues caused by over stretching, abrupt and jerky movements caused when pushing, carrying, lifting objects, or even a sudden cough or a sneeze might result in muscle pulls. These issues can be easily treated by a physician.

Structure related problems

Issues related to disks where if ruptured or slipped is also a cause of back pain. These disks protect our spine vertebrae, and the moment they’re disrupted it gives pressure to the nerve endings causing pain. Sciatica is another structure related problem that is caused by bulging disks.

It is advised to consult doctors related to the nervous system, and start therapy for better results after medication. If you’re to look for sciatica treatment in Noble Park, there are a few notable places that offer a range of physiotherapy treatments that would help with pains in the long run.

Muscle Strains

Back pains caused by muscle strains are some of the most common. Failing to warm up properly, working out in the gym without proper guidance or technique could result in muscle strains and tensions. For exercise related strains, you could find a range of exercises, yoga related workouts, get a lot of rest or even apply ice to ease the pain. But, if the tension persists, seeing a physiotherapist or a doctor will be the best solution.

Other Causes

While it is our instinct to solve our health-related issues for the short term, it is important to do further investigations if the pain and discomfort continues for a long period of time. Some serious causes for back pains could be osteoporosis, arthritis, bladder and kidney related issues. Spine infections and tumors in the spine are some serious issues that might start off with mild symptoms, and therefore it is best to always consult professional help if the pain remains.

Dealing with aches and pains is a part and parcel of life and ageing. However, it is crucial to always be mindful of them, tend to them accordingly to avoid future complications.