Learn how to prevent complications of diabetes

Diabetes is the most common disorder in higher percentage of the population nowadays. Diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disorder which leads to higher amount of glucose in blood. This state can cause many other diseases. There can also be bad complications when not managed or treated properly.

Types of Diabetes mellitus

There can be more than four types of Diabetes mellitus. The most common forms are type one diabetes and type two diabetes. In type one diabetes the cells which produces insulin (the hormones needed for the storage of glucose) are damaged and the amount of insulin is not enough for storing all the glucose, so the glucose remains in blood. Common in young people and can be due to genetic predisposition.

In type two diabetes mellitus, there is a problem with cells ability to utilize insulin. That can also result in increased glucose in blood. This is common in patients with older age.

Symptoms of diabetes mellitus

Urinating more than usual, frequent during the nighttime

Increased thirst

Numbness or pin like sensation in the foot

Delayed wound healing

Increased hunger

Unexplained weight loss

You should get your glucose level tested when you think you have such symptoms. Diagnosing it early can prevent serious complications.

 Diabetes can be prevented if the population educated about the early symptoms and lifestyle changes. The major step in preventing diabetes is to maintain a healthy weight or a healthy BMI. Being over weight or obese can be a major risk factor for diabetes mellitus development. Higher blood pressure is a risk factor too, managing hypertension can reduce the development of diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus not only affect one system but many systems. There can be heart diseases, kidney diseases, nerve damage, foot problems, sight problems, oral problems and so on. It is essential to prevent the complications once diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

Preventing complications of diabetes mellitus

Heart diseases: managing heart diseases is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is good to maintain a healthy diet with enough number of proteins and fruits. Not only that, but it’s good to avoid processed food. Likewise, it’s good to always get your blood glucose levels and heart checked regularly

Kidney diseases: it’s essential to get involved in some physical activities to maintain the optimum level of cholesterol in the bold. Regular checkups are a must to avoid kidney issues. Moreover, eating low amounts of sodium to prevent kidney diseases in diabetic patients.

Nerve problems: this is also called diabetic neuropathy. Losing weight if you don’t have a healthy BMI. Avoid smoking or consuming alcohol. Follow a healthy diet and do regular physical activities.

Foot care: sometimes diabetes can end up in losing a toe or a limb. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, check for your feet every day. Don’t go barefoot. It’s good to get advice from professionals like sydney podiatry co for a better foot care. Wear shoes that fits wells.

Vision care: problems with vision loss associated to diabetes is most commonly diabetic retinopathy. Few ways to prevent these vision problem are getting your eye checked regularly, taking diabetic medications regularly, involve in physical activities and so on.

These are few preventive measures for Diabetes mellitus.

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