Bad Sector Recovery

Does your drive seem to work but you are unable to copy any files from it? When you start copying files does it seem to take an unusually long time or stop copying for no apparent reason?

Deleted File Recovery

Have you accidently deleted that one important file you need urgently for a work presentation or a university or school assignment?

Formatted Drive Recovery

Did you format your hard drive only to remember there was something on there you needed?

Physical Damage Recovery

Is your drive making unusual noises such and clicking, ticking sounds? Or did you drop your drive onto the ground and it no longer works?

USB Flash Drive Recovery

Have you damaged your USB flash drive? Has the connector been bent or fallen off?

RAID/NAS Recovery

Doctor Data Recovery can get data back from failed RAID and NAS systems quickly and cost effectively, from the smallest to the largest of RAIDs

Partner with Us

Would you like to earn commission for simply sending a drive into us for recovery? If so the Doctor Data Recovery Partnership Program is for you!

  • For every successful recovery you send in you get 20% of the total recovery job.

  • Free same day quotes.

  • Free local pickup service available.

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