What to Know About Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have become popular in the present day because of the convenience they provide. It is a very common orthodontic treatment today. This is something that has been around for many years but the use of advanced technology has provided more benefits to the wearer.

Originally, clear aligners were made with adults in mind as they needed an option to straighten teeth without the appliance being instantly noticeable. Also, you can easily take the clear aligners out and this is something a child will forget to put back in which will make the purpose of the aligners redundant. You need to stick to a schedule and make sure that you wear the aligners for most of the day. The transparent aligners are a discreet option when compared to braces so it is the perfect option for a professional. It is not something that will be overly noticeable in a professional setting and it can only be noticed when people look very closely. You can also check the dental blog to get an idea of how the clear aligners are made and the benefits of using them on a daily basis.

Because of technological advancements, the length of treatment with regard to clear aligners has been reduced. But this will depend on your circumstance as well and whether you wear the aligners as you are directed to do so. Your dentist can let you know the correct way to wear them and how many hours a day is required for them to do their job. Generally, it will take about a year to correct your teeth with clear aligners. Your orthodontist will let you know how many sets of aligners you have to go through and how long it will take in your situation. There are also options for short term accelerated braces. So if your only problem is a few teeth on the front that are not aligned, you can use these aligners to get straight teeth in half a year or in as little as 3 months.

Your oral health will also benefit from straighter teeth. You will be able to reduce your chances of having gum disease, cavities etc. when your teeth are in proper alignment. This is because it can be hard to brush all areas of the teeth when they are crooked and you tend to miss spots. It is a preventative treatment for gum disease as you can make sure all your teeth are clean and the chances of plaque build-up are minimal. While clear aligners were originally marketed to adults, they can be used by teenagers as well. But this decision will depend on your orthodontist’s opinion. There are clear aligners that have built-in wear indicators in the case of younger people so that it is easier to know when you are supposed to change them. More and more people are able to be eligible to wear clear aligners as the criteria are becoming broader. It has become a very versatile option and you will be able to meet with your orthodontist to get a clear idea of whether you qualify if you are interested in this treatment.

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