Importance of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are also called caps and they are used in restorative dentistry to improve your smile. There are also other ways that they can benefit you and you can speak to your dentist about your eligibility for dental crowns depending on your requirements.

If you have undergone root canal treatment,

The infected pulp inside the tooth will be removed. But while this will alleviate your discomfort, you now have a tooth that is more fragile because of the pulp removal. And if it is not managed properly, it can lead to bacterial accumulation and infection which can damage the tooth further. To prevent this from happening, a dental crown will be placed over the tooth after your root canal treatment is completed. The crown will protect the tooth preventing harmful bacteria from entering it. And in addition to protection, it will also provide structural support so that it doesn’t fracture. Therefore, it will maintain the functionality of the tooth. Not having a dental crown can lead to many complications after the root canal treatment.

When it comes to restorative dentistry,

You can contact the local dental clinic and ask what treatments are available. This will also be provided on their official website. Dental crowns will be one of the common treatment methods. If you have tooth cavities and your tooth structure has to be restored, the dentist will use large dental fillings. But when there is a substantial filling in your tooth, it will increase the risk of your tooth fracturing. This is because the tooth is weakened. So if a large filling is being done, the dentist will place a dental crown to provide more protection to the tooth structure so that it doesn’t break or fracture. The tooth receives more strength and stability from the crown and it will also extend the lifespan of your tooth. So you don’t need to worry about tooth loss anytime soon. If you have severe tooth decay, your tooth will be in a weakened state and it is so easy for it to succumb to further deterioration. But the use of a dental crown can prevent advanced decay because the form and function of the tooth can be restored. And this will prevent the decay from spreading.

When a dental crown is used, you have a better chance of retaining your natural tooth.

This will help you avoid tooth extraction. And preserving your natural teeth is always a good way to preserve proper oral function. And because you still have your tooth, it will ensure that adjacent teeth stay in position without shifting. There are also certain cosmetic benefits of dental crowns as they can match the size, colour and shape of your natural teeth. So if you have tooth discoloration or if your teeth are not aligned properly, a dental crown can be used. Sometimes, you may chip your tooth because of trauma or there can be a misshapen tooth that you are self-conscious about. A dental crown can transform your tooth in such a situation.